Sunday, 4 September 2011

A Most Marvellous Place To Shop

Well it seems I am in a period of limbo.  Whilst I await the verdict on my dissertation and the start of hatching tortoises, how should one amuse one's self?  Well.... the answer seems to be to shop!  Well browse anyway.  
Nearly a year a go a new second hand shop opened at the top of my road.  I was very excited at the prospect of this shop, but not in my wildest dreams did I expect what has unfolded over the last year!  The shop is called A Most Marvellous Place To Shop! So with such a name it needs to be good, and it is fabulous!!

There are lots of dealers selling lots of goodies with the most marvellous displays... 

 But even better than this, Most Marvellous also rents space to local crafts people! 

As you can imagine, all this has got the head a swirling and then there is the cafe!  Homemade cakes Mmmmm, tea in mismatched china cups and unusual and novel cruet sets at every table!  This might be enough you would think, but no!!!  Now they have started knitting clubs and art courses and WI clubs and Ukulele lessons and many many other marvellous things!!

I know this sounds very much like an advertisement for the shop, but you need to understand I think this is one of the most exciting things to happen to my town of Northampton for many years!!!  Any way must dash, I have my eyes on a couple of vintage embroidered pillow cases up there and I thought I would pop and get them before the shop closes!

Best wishes to you all!


  1. This really does sound like a fantastic little place to have right at the end of your street. It makes me feel jealous as our town has nothing like it. It has got the old cogs moving though! Good luck on the tortoise front, I really am excited waiting for news and photographs of the imminent arrivals :)

  2. wow i wish we had a shop like that close by i would rent a shelf or a cupboard and sell all my crochet which are hatching all over the house ha ha
    yes good luck on the hatching i'm excited for you
    its a bit like any expectant grandma or auntie

  3. Lucky girl! This shop sounds like it will be a home away from home for you, even though it's just up the street! Enjoy your next visit :)