Monday, 29 August 2011

News from the Incubator

Well I promised I would update you on the tortoise eggs and it seems that the update is very much wanted, thank you for the lovely comments and it feels lovely to know that other people are sharing in my excitement.  As you know I was shocked to discover that all six eggs were fertile, this has never happened before.  The good news is that all six eggs have continued to develop and they should be ready to hatch in about ten days time. 

I am afraid the above picture is very grainy, but you can see the shadow at the bottom of the egg, but this is no ordinary shadow it is a baby tortoise.  The eggs is just a bit smaller than a golf ball and the tortoise is now about the size of a two pence piece.  All of the eggs look similar to this one, with the exception of one...
The tortoise is this egg looks very small, smaller than a peanut. Round the other side of the same egg, (which I struggled to photograph as you must not move a tortoise egg) there is a much bigger tortoise shaped splodge and I think this egg is a twin tortoise egg.  I have never had an egg containing twins before and I have to say I am very worried about it.  Generally twin tortoises is not good, they need to be separated as they share a yolk.  I think it is clear that one of these tortoises has not developed properly and the chances of survival are therefor minimal.  I have to admit to feeling very apprehensive.  Not long to go now.
I hope the bank holiday has been enjoyable for all.



  1. How fascinating, I have just got back from my hols to this update. Six fertile eggs is brilliant and very exciting, but I can see how twins were unexpected and could be worrying. I have a feeling we may have to brace ourselves for news! Good luck to you and the babies :)

  2. hey i've just come back from a week away and here are amazing photos of tortoises thankyou for sharing looking forward to the births(do you call it that ?)

  3. Hi Joan and Lucy, thanks for you lovely comments. Urmm births or maybe hatching Joan. I have just checked them and I really hope we are course for some good news this week! X

  4. How lovely to see the development, I discovered a few weeks ago my tortoise eggs are fertile, very unexpected! but must of got it all right this year, I have 8 at 38 days and they are growing like yours. So excited