Saturday, 10 September 2011

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting.

No news yet, I am afraid.  Tortoise hatching dates is not an exact science, but I am normally a little more accurate that this....

I took the lid off briefly to show how it all looks.  But nothing else to show I am afraid.  I am trying to stay out of mischief whilst I wait, but it is proving quite difficult.  As a result I have just applied for my friend and I to be on the BBC tv programme Bargain Hunt!  Ooops  she doesn't know yet!
Hopefully there will be better more exciting news soon.


  1. Looking forward to hearing all about the new arrivals. Just out of interest, how often do you take your tortoises to the vet? Do you take them annually or just as needed? x

  2. Hi Julia, When I first had my young hermanns I took them to the ve for initial checks and the post hibernation checks. Nowdays, I can do the basics myself and so I just take them when I see a need. I always visit a specialis exotics vet with lots of experience with tortoises, normal ves ofen end up guessing and frequenly give jus dreadful advice!

  3. Hi Jane, Any news on the eggs? Thanks for your advice. Our local vet owns a tortoise so I am hoping he will know what he is talking about. I will be taking them soon for advice on hibernation. BTW, we got a cat last week - photos on my blog. He is lovely but desperate to get outside! xx

  4. hi just checking in for news on the expected arrivals ?