Saturday, 11 December 2010

Birthdays N Bitz

Well hello there!  I have been off line for a week, thanks to my wonderful cable coming loose outside the house.  I have to say though, the gentleman that game to fix it, was very friendly and professional and so I feel I can forgive my service provider the fact that it took a week to send someone!  I have lots to say and write mind you, so there should be a few more posts than usual over the coming week.
Being offline was a little disconcerting.  I hadn't realised how much I peruse the Internet, particularly other peoples blogs!  I have an iPhone so I could check emails and look up the little things we all get stuck on from time to time. Like today when I needed to convert 40cm into inches when buying a cushion pad, the iPhone was put to good use then.  But I can not peruse on a little screen.  I need the big screen of my laptop to ogle at the beautiful photos that are produced by the wonderful blogger's who bring joy and sunshine even in the depths of a frost out.  A frost out is exactly what I have experienced the last few weeks.  No real whiting out snow to speak of, but the frost, that has been amazing!

As the title says, I have had a birthday since I last posted.  I was 33 last Saturday.  I had a wonderful day with the most special of people at Kew Gardens.  We wrapped up warm and braved the cold and it was well worth it as there were few visitors and the crisp air was Divine, we even had an outdoor picnic!  I was given lots of lovely gifts, some tortoise related, some crafty, some aquarium related and then some just out and out beautiful! 
My lovely Chic and gorgeous friend gave me the mugs at the back.  They don't have handles!!  I am not quite sophisticated enough for such splendor and intend to use them as planters!  I was also give some beautiful Moda quilting fabric squares and then you can also see the exquisite antique malachite beads. I am indeed a lucky girl! :o)

Right it is Saturday evening and I have cooking to do before the big TV finals night!  So I am off, but just before I go... Can you guess what this is?

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  1. Is it a sunflower head? Lovely blog post, I love the snowy without snow picture. Welcome Back!