Monday, 29 November 2010

Weekend Wonder!

Before I even get on to my weekend, these flowers are for us all!  I think as the cold sets in all over the UK a little bit of foliage is required.  They are also a thank you for all the kind comments I have received on my  blog.  So these flowers are for you!!!

This weekend was lovely!  I am part of a beautiful group of people who met through their interest of tortoises and then became firm friends.  There are five of us, all ladies ranging in ages from 30's to 50's and we get on like a house on fire, even though we have only known each other for a year!  This weekend we had a Christmas dinner get together.  It was at my tiny house and it was a bit of squeeze, but it didn't seem to matter.  Every one bought a dish already cooked and we just heated them in the oven.  We were eating from 1pm until 5pm!  Although there was a whole lot of chatter and laughter which lead to long luxurious gaps between courses.  What was really lovely for me was that everyone automatically chipped in washing and clearing away even though I was the hostess it was done so natural and joyfully!
We'd agreed to do a £10 tortoise related gift swap.  We did it randomly, numbering the gifts and then picking numbers out of a bowl.  My gift was from the lovely Claire and it was a tortoise door stop which I have had my eye on for some time!!

My little hatchling tortoises were given lots of attention as you can imagine, at one point I popped into the front room to discover this....

A Two Pound Coin in the place of my little hatchling Bronte who hatched in September! 

 Thankfully she was returned after pudding was held ransom!

By the end of the evening I was shattered.  It wasn't just my tortoises that had enjoyed company and extra attention though...

Maggie my Border terrier was exhausted too, with rather a full tummy!  I found her tucked up in the wrong bed, taking full advantage of my kind nature!!

Here's to warm cosy crafting times over the next few chilly weeks!!  Warm wishes to you all!


  1. Love the tiny little tortie! Maggie looks comfy!

  2. hi love your blog and thanks for the flowers, i have found you thr ravelry. I would love to own a tortoise but i guess they need a lot of care