Thursday, 18 November 2010

Time to blog at last!

Well I have missed my little space in blog land. I have to admit, capturing the loveliness in life through blogging has become quite addictive!  Whats more your lovely replies are also addictive and I appreciate them so much, I really do.  I have missed my bloggy pals and my daily peruse of other lovely blogs.  But I am not complaining, life has been very sweet over the last few weeks.

Last week I took the last three working days as annual leave and they were bliss!  The Wednesday was taken up with all the odd jobs we all have to do, sorting the washing, recycling, working out bills etc, the hum drum stuff.  But on the the Thursday I pieced together the top of my quilt.  As you can see each patch has a border,  this was my lovely teachers way of making my patches all one size as I am such a novice.  I am in the process of tacking the wadding and backing now and quilting will hopefully begin next week!


Hibernation also happened on the Thursday.  Not great pics, but this is Heidi being tucked into her bed!  Believe it or not the safest way to hibernate tortoises is in a fridge!  Yes I know it sounds mad, but the temperature can be constant and many people do it this way now.  I used to have concerns about it, I used to worry about them suffocating, but they don't.  I do open the fridge every morning and evening just in case, but I know of other people that rarely open the fridge and their tortoises are fine too. 

Sadly not all the big tortoises were able to sleep,  Astrid has a nasty cold which can fatal for tortoises, so I have kept her up and I have been bravely injecting her with antibiotics.  She does seem to be improving thankfully and it is lovely to have the company, although the little babies are still up too.

I was a very lucky girl over the weekend.  I went to stay with a friend in London.  I love Contemporary dance, having studied it at Uni many moons ago now.  We went to see Rambert Dance on the Friday evening and then on the Saturday we went to the Diaghilev and Ballet Russe Exhibition at the V&A.  I was in heaven!  My friend really loves music and so he explained the music side to me and I explained the dance! 

Then as if the weekend could get any better, it did......

When we visited the Humming Bird Cafe!!

Right, sleep time for me.  Best wishes every one.


  1. Love your quilt top. Will you be quilting it by machine or hand?

    That's interesting, tortoises in the fridge. When do they come out of hibernation?

  2. Thanks Denise, I am quite pleased with th quilt top as it is my first. As it is a sample quilt, I think the idea is I try machine and hand quilting. I think I am gong to dig in the ditch on the machine and the hand quilt a pattern.
    The tortoises hibernate until march!

  3. Who knew? A frig? amazing. I was wondering where they slept over winter. Penny

  4. Hi there! I was given the "Beautiful Blogger Award" today and have selected YOU as one of my BBA recipients! Stop by my blog and receive your award! :-)