Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Introducing the Tortoises

As this blog is named after my Urban Tortoises I think it is time to introduce them, particularly as very soon they will have dissappeared into hibernation for the winter.  I don't want to bore non tort people so I will try and keep it brief, whilst explaining why I like them.

Despite tortoises being fascinating to watch, I also enjoy the care side of things.  I try to give them a nautrual diet of weeds, plants and flowers.  I forage for these, normally whilst walking the dog.  Last week the dog and I went for a wonder and came home with three carrier bags of foraged goods! There was a bag of tortoise food, a smaller bag of blackberries and then some apples too!  This is a photo I took a few weeks ago of the tortoise food I picked one morning.  Beautiful, don't you think?

I keep two groups of torotises, a breeding pair of Algerian spur thigh tortoises and three of their babies and a group of young Hermanns tortoises aged between four and twelve, in years to come I hope these might breed too.
I also have some recuse tortoises, I will introduce them on another occassion.


  1. Your tortoises are beautiful! I have three Mediterranean Spur thighed tortoises. They are all under 2 years old so quite tiny still. I also like to only feed mine weeds - mainly from the garden as I am not green fingered. This year I started to crochet and am currently making my third blanket. I look forward to reading more of your blog.

  2. I just love your tortoises! What a nice bunch they are. Quite facinating I bet!

  3. Reading about your tortoises has been fascinating, they are the happiest little tortoises I have ever seen. :)

  4. I also meant to say, I loved playing spot the tortoise! lol