Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Family Heirloom

Three weeks ago my Mum gave me this beautiful old Crocheted blanked.  It was made by my paternal Grandmother about a year before she died and the blanket is now about 36 years old. It was always about when I was growing up, but I didn't know it's history or who made it and I really didn't appreciate the fact that it was hand crocheted, quite like I I do now.  Mum gave it to me because I am the only crafting creative family member and she knew I would understand it's sentimental value more than anyone else.
I have always been told I am just like my Grandmother, in my interests, skills and personality.  Both of us being thrifty, busy bee's with lots of hobbies aswell as chatty and welcoming to anyone, whether they are well known or strangers. 
Sadly I never met my Grandmother, she died two and half years before I was born.  Making this blanket kept her busy through painful cancer treatment that unfortunately she didn't survive.  I am really pleased the blanket has been given to me and yes, I really do appreciate the sentimental value as I am sure other crafters will too.   There are small areas of damage to the blanket and one day I will pluck up the courage to repair them.  In fact I may even post pictures of the damage to get some advice ont he best way.


  1. what an amazing gift that'll give you warmth and comfort long after she has passed. A true heirloom. Beautiful.x

  2. Thanks for sharing your blanket and the story behind it, the blanket is lovely. I can appreciate the sentimental value of it, having inherited a big pile of Coats embroidery books and charts from my Aunt, who sadly passed away in August. They were all in the original brown envelopes from Coats i Glasgow and are in immaculate condition. I sat with tears in my eyes as I browsed through them and know that I will treasure these too.

  3. Your blanket is so precious - how wonderful to know its history. AND I love your tortoises - I am fascinated by the photo of your little hatchling baby too - I can't wait to show the boys. Love Kate (from greedy for colour).

  4. Hurray a blog I can comment on! As anonymous - I don't have a blog or any other kind of web profile and I don't want one. This means that I can't comment where I want to (hint to those on Ravelry who have put up their blogs - have visited but can't say so!)Anyway I think your blog is looking really good already and I'm definitely interested in those tortoises - what a cute little baby one! They are very rare now aren't they? Think your heirloom blanket is great, how lovely that you take after her - a shame you didn't meet her. Hope you manage to mend the 'broken' bits. What a good thing it's come to a nice home. People don't always appreciate the skill in such things do they?

  5. What a lovely treasure you have in that afghan.

  6. What a touching tale of the granny blankie awww I have no idea where my creative habits come from so to me it's wonderful that you have something so precious and can say i inherted my creative side from my Grandma xx it is a shame you never got to meet her but hey what a story so touching xxxx fabulous blog lovey loving every bit of it, take care Amanda xxx

  7. What a precious gift. I hope that one day my family will look at the things I have made in the same light! Happy blooging ... it get's addictive when you start. I will be sure to be back visiting yours.
    aeonie x

  8. Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog, glad to find yours :0)
    This blanket is lovely, I have a knitted one made by my maternal granmother which also has damage , I must get around to posting about it one day soon.
    Jacquie x