Monday, 27 September 2010

Chickens! Pretty, pretty please...

Meet Thelma!  As much as I would love to tell you that she is one of my flock of chickens, sadly this is not the case.  I would really love to keep chickens, so much so that I have completed the Cotswolds Chickens beginners course! It has been a life long dream to keep hens, as a child I begged for birds.  Thelma was my teacher for the day and she was the perfect hen.  I could have bought her, had my set up been ready, but for once in my life my head overruled my heart and sense prevailed. 
I have decided that if, one day I do have chickens, I would like an eglu cube.  They are not great looking, but they are fox proof and easy to clean.  I don't think I have foxes, but I do have a little Border terrier called Maggie.  Maggie is the main concern with the chickens.  I would never let them freerange with her outside, but I would also be worried that she might stress them in their run.  I would appreciate any thoughts or advice on training 8 year old border terriers not to stress chucks and then maybe my dream could come true!

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