Sunday, 14 April 2013

Taking stock; What is for a Season? What is for life?

Oh My!  It has been almost a year since I last blogged!  Now I would say time has flown by, but to be honest, yes it does feel about a year.  Although it wasn't a deliberate decision not to blog, I have had a bit of a year of taking stock, examining what I do and don't want and experimenting a little with my life.  Nothing drastic, but I have been considering the finer details.  I guess for a while blogging was perhaps a temporary casualty in the process of my life.  But here I am and may I say, if you are reading this, thank you for sticking by me, my follower numbers have decreased hugely which is wholly understandable.  

Over the last year I have followed some of the same patterns and seasons; My tortoises have hibernated and woken safely although they didn't produce any off spring last year, I think this might have been due to the weather.  My social life, however, has changed somewhat.  My closest friend who is my cousin has temporarily moved away with her beautiful little family and we have had to learn to be long distance friends.  Thank goodness for the gift of Skype especially with her toddlers whom I adore!  

Keeping this relationship alive despite the distance has been relatively easy and important to us both, but at the same time time as she moved away another friendship moved on too.  This was a relatively new friendship with someone who I had quite a lot in common with.  We spent lots of time together and our relationship became quite intense quite quickly.  She was a lovely person and I wish her well, but it seems we were there for each other just for a season.  Perhaps the intensity was too much, perhaps we should have more honest, or perhaps things were meant to be as they were.  As an adult I have only really experienced the break down of a female friendship on one occasion before.  Back then it was a close and dear friend of 13 years and I was devastated when she moved on in her life and made it clear that she no longer had space for me.  This time I feel sad at the way the friendship seemed to falter, but I am at peace with the outcome and the distance created.

A year has seen a variety of crafting projects and adventures, a few of which might still sneak on to these pages in the coming months, but then again they may not, lets see shall we?  Is blogging a long term relationship or was it just for a season in my life?... time will tell.

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