Saturday, 27 April 2013

A Flight of Fancy

Last month I had a day out to Peterborough Antiques Fair with a great friend of mine.  This is the second year I have gone to the Spring fair; last year I got sun burnt this year, well slight frost bite, but never mind.
Now I always save my pennys for such events and I like to take cash, partly because not all traders take cards and partly because I like to set a limit of spending for the day.  However, on this occasion all sense and limits seemed to leave me.  Within minutes of walking into the fair, I had fallen in love.  In the first row of the first shed sat the most delicately had painted trio of 1930's Beswick wall blue tits.  There was no mistaking that these three had been made together and had stayed together for life, they matched perfectly and I was in love.  They were also way over my budget for the day and the trader didn't take cards.  Egging me on as only he could, my friend took charge whisking me off to the nearest cash point, we queued up and watched every one get their money and saunter off for their treasures and then it was my turn.  But it didn't happen for me, the computer for some reason said no!  Now there are not many things that send me into a frenzy, but I do seem to get into a tizz about money.  In my sensible head, I knew the money was in my account, but the non sensicle part of my head appeared to go into to free fall.  So I decided the birds were not meant to be.  My friend was not having this, he was all ready to get money out of his account and loan it to me, but I was decided, fate had stepped in and had made the decision that the birds were not for me.  The trader wasn't having it either, he said I should take the birds and he would trust me to put a cheque in the post.  I was amazed by this and he explained that he has done it hundreds of times and had only ever been let down twice, he enjoyed that trust relationship. Kind of lovely don't you think?   But no, I was adamant, fate had made the decision.  I had had a Flight of Fancy moment and now it was over.

But as my naughty friend enjoyed putting it, I was a little distracted by tits for the rest of the day.  We had a lovely time and both made small purchases before making the hour drive home for dinner with friends.  

The next morning I was kept busy with a quilting project all snug watching the snow fall from my living room.  But when the afternoon loomed I thought again of the beautiful blue tits.  The trader had given me his card in case I changed my mind.  I decided to give fate one more opportunity to change her mind.  At four o'clock, the end of the second day of the fair, I rang the guy and tentatively asked if he had sold the blue tits.  "Nope" he said," they are still here, but I have sold all the other Beswick birds, I think they were meant for you!"  I couldn't disagree.  He said they he would be packing up for the next couple of hours before making the journey home to Bristol, if I wanted to come over, he would meet me at the gate with them.

I packed up warms coats, food and a flask for the Maggie dog and myself as it was really snowing.  We were there within the hour!  All for a Flight of fancy.....
                                   Beswick Wall Blue Tits.

The colour behind them isn't quite that purple, you can see the actual colour and how they look in my living room is more like this...

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