Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Tiny Wardrobe Shop

Hellooo, helloo, hellooo, yes I know it has been an age, but I am not going to beat myself up about it as blogging is meant to be a fun activity and the reason I have not blogged for sometime is because I have been having lots of fun else where. 
As you can see from the last blog post my friend and I had decided to set up a mini shop or concession in the Most wonderful Most Marvellous and we did it, just like that!  Well kind of... it took a little organising and lugging and designing.  We had been given space in the new Wardrobe Room and thus all dealers were given space to place a wardrobe in which to sell vintage and handmade loveliness out of.  The first job was thus finding a wardrobe, which we  found in a charity shop within a week and within in two weeks it had been delivered to my front room and we set about decorating it.  All work was over seen and quality controlled by the Maggie dog!

Once the wardrobe was ready we set about making price labels and stocking it.  Over the week we were waiting for its delivery we did quite a good job at finding stock.  It is a wonderful thing you know... having a licence to shop!  
And then it was ready....

Its been such fun!  Working with my lovely friend Claire has been lovely, but on top of that I have met lots of people who are local to me and share the same interests.  I have begun to experiment a little on the handmade items that I put in the little wardrobe shop and one my biggest seller is probably the needle felted brooches.  I had a needle felting kit for Christmas and I have to say, it is simple and great fun and the results are really effective!
I have made a wider variety of brooches now and key rings too, but it seems that the toadstools are the most popular.

The little wardrobe space is yet to be named, but I am using the name Ditsy print tortoise designs for my handmade items.  So if you are reading this post on the Urban Tortoise blog you may want to follow the Ditsy Print Tortoise Blog too as I will eventually stop posting to Urban Tortoise.  I changed the name mainly because I felt the craft needed to be reflected as much as my tortoises and I could then add the blog address to my labels.  I will still write about the tortoises on the new blog.  In fact I am in the process of writing their emerging after the winter post at the moment.

Not only has the little wardrobe shop been great for meeting new people in the real world but also in the cyber world too.  I am beginning to discover a whole community of creative, exciting local people who also have a presence on line.  Whats more, Claire my little wardrobe partner (oooh doesn't that sound posh) discovered out little wardrobe on another blog, look.... clicky. We are the 4th picture down! Thanks Elizabeth at Rosalilum blog!

Right, I am pleased to have achieved the writing of this post and now I am off to catch up on all the blogs I follow.  Spring joy and frolics to you all!!

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  1. hey great to hear from you and I wish I had been having as much fun as you. I am going over to your other blog now cause I don't want to miss out on anything, love your felted toadstools but I think your tortoises are fantastic and so you
    wish i could visit your wardrobe