Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter... Bunnies!

A hippy, happy and rather hoppy Easter to you all.  This week inadvertently became rather seasonal in my home.  On the dull grey day of Tuesday, I sat down to make some cushions in the style of an LP, ready to go into the Tiny Wardrobe Shop for Fathers day, like this one.  The material was dark and dull and it was doing nothing for my mood which seemed to be reflecting the weather.  I just knew the day was not going to be productive.  As I folded the black material to put it away, I spied some more exciting and seasonal fabric, which was much more appealing.  So I took some inspiration from a lovely friend and cut some triangles to make broken dishes...

  The squares were so fresh and spring like and I would say they changed my day!  In fact I well and truly got into Spring mode, honestly I was almost skipping!  I made the squares into a knitting bag and I was on a roll!!!
Then inspiration truly struck and I remembered a book I have read many a times but not made anything out of it..
I love Tilda fabrics, but have only used them for quilting and I have never made a Tilda character before.  But very soon an Easter Bunny emerged from the fat quarters that have languished in a bag for months.  Meet Floella...
Now beware, bunnies are known for their breeding capabilities and by Good Friday Phyllys and Maureen had also appeared.  Yes I am addicted to them!!!
Happy Easter One and All!

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  1. I love your wabbits, they will certainly look very cute in your wardrobe :)