Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Bring on the Woolly Dolls

The last few day's have been particularly lovely for me.  I 've had some day's off work and visited friends and family in London as well as visiting craft, antique, and tortoise shops with a lovely lovely friend!  Today I even got to go walking in woods with my cousin and her children.  We made it out of the woods alive despite the two year old being convinced he could hear Lions roaring!!

In between the loveliness of life, my thoughts and fingers have been consumed by woolly dollies!  Over on the Ravelry forum, some of the other lovely ladies have been humouring and enthusing along with me.  Lucy, from In the Sky blog even made a self portrait dolly, with a crochet hook and WIP!  Isn't she just fabulous?Thanks Lucy!

In the last post, I promised that if dolly pics were sent to me I would enter their owners into a prize draw for a book I couldn't find at the time.  Today I went hunting and this is the one....

Its a lovely book, full of ideas, some of them nearly as lovely as the woolly dolls themselves!

So if you want to be entered into the draw, all you need to do is make a dolly and email me a picture to


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  1. I am glad you have had a lovely few days and especially you survived the lions! Thank you for the woolly dolly revival and for giving Lucy the Crochet Diva a Global audience (lol). What a coincidence I blogged about wet felting and making felt bags only yesterday, that is a lovely prize. I am sure Lucy will get more friends soon, I look forward to seeing them. Cheers :)