Saturday, 12 February 2011

Antique wooly dolls, A challenge for us all and a Prize!



What do you think of them?  Aren't they fascinating?  These dolls were made by my friends Granny, when she was a small girl growing up in France.  If she were still alive she would be 110, so we think it is reasonable to estimate these dolls to be about 100 years old! I think they are just stunning and I feel a little sad that not many little girls play like this any more.
Its perhaps a little hard to see how they are made from the photos, but they are simply wound wool!  I decided to have a go at making my own and although they are fidley, they are very simple. Perhaps the below picture will help you see how they are made...

After I had got this far I was due to meet my friends a the tea shop we meet at once a month.  So I took my little project with me and within an hour she was complete!  She isn't the prettiest dolly ever and I think I need to work on her face, but she isn't bad for a first attempt. 
So now for the Challenge... I thought it would be fun for each of us to have a go at making one of these little dolls.  You can then email a photo to me at I will then upload  the picture onto this blog.  Once we have a few I will randomly pick a prize winner, who will win a crafty book, I have yet to pick (sorry there are a few ear marked, but the one I really wanted to use has dissappeared).  The prize will be random rather than based on the doll as I think it would be more fun if there are no perametres to this.  Instead I think we should just relax and enjoy making them! 
How about we get them made in the next two weeks?  The closing date would then be 26th Feb.
Good Luck, I do hope some people give it a go as I think they are lovely!


  1. These are so lovely! i loved seeing them on the we love lucy ravelry group, and that you and your friend shared them with us! Very old handcrafts are something so precious aren't they? I'm excited to see what people make!
    Oh and I love the little dog in the next post down, he looks like a real character!

  2. This is a very cute idea, I had forgotten all about these until I saw your post on the 'Lucy' group. I started mine immediately! Just a few finishhing touches and I will post you a picture, quite tricky to photograph such a tiny little thing though. I have had great fun with this. :)

  3. hello

    it's nice to meet your blog and more of these gorgeous dolls. i shall be having a go at making one for sure :o)

    warmest wishes


  4. Really pretty dolls, I remember making them as a small girl too, brings back fond memories of the Nursery lady Gwen who used to do these with us during break time at school.

    Brilliant blog, lovely to 'meet' you :)

    Helen x

  5. Found your blog via Ravelry love these going to gave a play tonight don't want to go to work now