Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Tiny Tortoises, Textiles and Tantalising treats!

Evening all!  I have to say I am really enjoying this blogging malarkey!  I have found myself looking for loveliness to share with you and this has really helped me to notice the littlest lovely things as well as the large.  I feel I really need to say thanks for all the lovely comments, they are really encouraging.
Now I know we have already played hunt the tortoise recently, but please just humour me for a minute.  Often when I get up in the morning this is how I find Bronte, my little hatchling in her enclosure.  Can you see the tiny tortoise?  She is there, honest!

Found her?  Her little nose is sticking out and her eye is open, right in the middle of the pic.

Anyway,once I have turned her lamp on, she then emerges fully to bask, like this...
This morning, Bronte, was awake and waiting for me!  I have never had a hatchling climb quite like this before...

She has certainly found her feet.  From the day she hatched I said she was a feisty one, after she climbed out of the little tray I always bathe hatching's in for the first few months!
On with proceedings... Progress on the hexagon blanket is speedier than expected due to enforced house arrest at the end of last week and over some of the weekend.  I am up to 97 hexies now, I intend to make 150 so I am getting there.  The hexies were more than happy to pose in front of the window for a photograph! You can see why I made these colour choices.

Work has been a little tricky over the last few days and with the previous poorliness I knew I had to go shopping after work this evening.  I was not in the mood.  I always find that the best way to manage this is to treat myself and go to Waitrose.  It's always much quieter and peaceful and there are never any queues.  It is more expensive and so I just get the vital bits and maybe one treat.  Can you guess what treat I bought?
Oh Yes!  The cutest of cute cupcakes!!!!

I am popping round to a friends for a cuppa in a bit, I think she might enjoy this treat too!

Ooh before I finish, I want to add one more photo.  It is for Penelope, who mentioned that she loved Heidi because she is a survivor.  Thank you that was a lovely comment.  I have friends who can't bare to look at her!  She has a great personality and is simply lovely.  This picture is her in the bath this evening.  Tortoises need very regular bathing before they hibernate as they need to be well hydrated.


  1. I love to read about your tortoise adventures. I've been interested in them for some time as I read they live very long lives.

    Do tortoises make any noise? My son has a turtle and it chirps. I didn't know this until I spent the night last year and his turtle kept me up all night making a chirping sound.

  2. Love your circles with the stained glass window. You are making great progress :0)
    Baby tortoise is cute too .
    Jacquie x

  3. Ahhh, how nice! They are quite fascinating!

  4. I love reading about your cute little friends. It did take me a while to see the little nose poking up out of the ground but I did manage! Your crochet looks lovely against that window.

  5. Thanks for the lovely comments. Denise tortoises are not particularly noisey except for when the males get a little jiggy, then it can be a bit embarassing!! LOL
    Thanks for all the encouragement everyone!