Sunday, 31 October 2010

And the world goes whizzing on...

Hi all, it's been a while!  My normal routine has been out of the window over the last week.  I took three days off work and and got up to all manner of things!  Maggie the dog has also benefited with lots of lovely walks, but the time has whizzed by and tomorrow it is back to reality.

At the beginning of my 'mini break' I went to visit a friend.  She has two Labrador dogs.  One dog, Freddie, was bred to be an assistance dog with the Dogs for the Disabled charity.  However, he was a little too excitable and thus failed the training, so he came to live with Sue!  Ida, is a brood bitch for the the Dogs for the Disabled.  She lives with Sue and will have three litters of puppies who will hopefully grow up to be assistance dogs.  I went to visit Ida and her second litter of puppies.

I spent yesterday making up patches for my quilting course.  We were set the task of making three patches over the half term break.  Unlike previous patterns, we were simply told that the over all size of each patch was 8 inches, we had to work out the sizing of each segment ourselves.  It was not easy at all, but I have just about got there.  All these patches will be put together to make a sample quilt.  The teacher keeps saying it doesn't need to be perfect as it is a sample quilt. It's just as well really as I am definitely a novice. 
The colours don't really show up in the photo which is a shame because I think they are particularly lovely.

Three weeks ago I dropped my button box, as it was an old teapot, disaster ensued and since then my buttons have resided in a boring plastic box.  On Friday a new home was found, do you like it?  I went to my local vintage / antique / junk market which I absolutely love visiting.  Because I like a bargain, I rarely buy anything there, as items have already been someone elses bargain and now they have a resale price tag, but this was an ok price.  If I had the time I would love to do a little rummaging and reselling myself, especially since I have just discovered that the market is relocating to a place two minutes from my front door!
Finally I thought I should show you an update on my hexagon blanket.  It is growing, slowly.


  1. Wow, you have been busy! Love the hexagon blanket. I am tempted to start one but I must finish a ripple blanket first - I only started it on Saturday. Well done on the patchwork - it looks amazing and I take my hat off to you as I have tried patchwork and just couldn't get the hang of it. Would love to see the finished result. x

  2. Oooh love the new button caddy! and with a new 2 min pitstop you're sure to spot a few more bargains soon xx many congrats on the sampler and the hexy blankie looks stunning thus far xx

  3. The puppies are Adorable! And the patchwork..ah I want to learn to quilt sooo bad....Your hexis are wonderful and I love that they are solid colors.