Monday, 4 October 2010

Thrifty, Multi Textured Crochet Blanket

I have recently begun a new chrochet project based on the wonderful Attic24's Hexagon pattern, joining the hexagons as I go.  Now as any crafty will know, projects can be expensive and with my new found Quilting hobby, the pennies are scarce.  Looking back at the traditional Quilts and Granny square blankets, expense was what was trying to be avoided.  Old dresses, sheets etc would be sewn into quilts and bits of left over thread were stiched into granny squares.  At the moment I am happy to spend a little extra on the quiltling whilst I am learning, but eventually I would like to start collecting and foraging for fabric that I can re-use. 
I am confident in using spare thread in my crochet, in fact I am even happy to use different textures, although I try and keep to all Double Knit or similar and I still try to keep to a blend of colours... ish.  I feel this adds another dimension to the blanket, kids love to explore differnet textures and actually so do I. It seems a more thrify way of crafting.  With this blanket I have chosen to use an acrylic pink to link all of the Hexagons, this cost £1.20 per 100g ball from my Market and so it's still affordable.
I would like to say I will be showing off the new blanket in just a few weeks, but the truth is that if I do manage to this, then I have seriously been neglecting the Masters Dissertation that I am also supposed to be writing.  Please complain in the comments if I do complete it quickly!!! LOL

By the way I would like to thank you all for the lovely comments I have received over the last week.  I am really enjoying this blogging malarky and your visits are so welcome!
Enjoy your week!
Jane X


  1. Thank you. Sometimes my computer does that but if you right click on it and click show picture then it should come up. Yes I am a christian too. xx