Saturday, 16 October 2010

Changing Seasons, Changing Minds and Friendship Therapy!

This week has been quite amazing, the weather has been sunny and warm at times yet really quite cold at other points.  I love this transition stage from Summer to Autumn, but sadly it has it draw backs too!  Often my body takes time to adjust resulting in me becoming unwell.  I can see it coming, but normally I am too late to stop the tidal wave and I end up flattened for a day so with a nasty cold.  So Friday was spent cosyed up in my favourite girly chair, with lots of tissues, tea and a lit fire.  I snoozed and crocheted my way through the day and evening. 

Having this unexpected extra time to crochet has meant a change of mind of mind in relation to my textured hexagon blanket!  I have found loads of Rowan cashsoft and Sidra sublime.  They have a very similar soft texture and I am loving it without the harsher accrylic.  So the textures are all out except for the lovely cashsoftness!  This has meant spending money to buy the linking colour that was going to be pink accrylic.  I have decided to go for a cream cashsoft instead.  Hey, isn't it a girls perogative to change her mind? Especially when the girl in question is a tinsy bit poorly!!

This morning I woke with a definitive desire to blow away all the cobwebs.  It's hard to describe the feeling and I will be interested to know if anyone else gets it. Although I am not 100% better, it is like an absolute desire to get rid of the sickness both from me and the house.  The windows have to be flung open, the bedding washed and hung out and all traces of illness banished!  I then have to get myself out of the house to find some air!  Thankfully today was the perfect day for this, cold but sunny.  Maggie the dog also needed out after humouring me yesterday and so we agreed we would spend the morning in the country park before I met my friends in the country park cafe.
I thought I would photograph Maggie for the blog, but she was too excited to stay still after yesterdays enforced day of rest! 

With the cobwebs well and truly blown I then met my wonderful tortoise friends for lunch.  We all met 13 months ago via the Tortoise Trust forum.  We realised we all lived relatively close to each other and decided to meet up.  Obviously we hadn't met before and we overcame this by all wearing little Dandelion button holes in order to recognise each other.  Since then our friendships have just grown beyond belief.  We all have tortoises in common and it turns out all five of us are crafty too.  We meet once a month and literally just chat.  Initially we talked tortoises, but now we have a more personal friendship and we truly care about each other.  Today we met at one o'clock and we were kicked out of the cafe when it closed at five o'clock!!  Chatting to friends has to be the best therapy and I really appreciate all four of them.


  1. This weather doesn't treat me too either so i sympahise with you there, but wow what a great girly outing you had when the cafe shuts down around you hehe xx

  2. Glad you are feeling better now. I did giggle when you mentioned dandelion button holes - how else would you recognise another tortoise owner?! Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  3. I am glad you are feeling better now. It has hit my family hard as well. Lots of strep throat and tonsillitus here. Oh and the doggie=adorable.