Sunday, 26 September 2010

New beginnings

September always excites me.  I think it must hark back to school days, when the new school year began with new class teachers and subjects and perhaps even friends.  I loved school and so the anticipation and excitement was dizzying. The new accademic year still excites me and I often find myself signing up for evening classes, this year is no exception and I have begun quilting classes, whcih are inspiring.

A friend of mine suggested that the accademic year is more exciting than the actual New Year.  There is all the excitment of new beginnings, but no pressure to make resolutions or look back and see failiure!  I think she has a point.

September is also the end of summer and the begining of the chilly autumnal weather, with leaves falling and turning crispy, it's the beginning of getting cosy at home and making preparations for the winter.  Something I have wanted to do for a while is write a blog and as it is the time for new beginnings, I felt now was indeed the time.  So here I am... Welcome to the Urban Tortoise!

Recently there have been a few new beginnings in my life, which demonstrate brilliantly what my blog is all about.  The first....

Two weeks ago a tortoise hatched!  I keep two groups of tortoises and over the last two years I have hatch three babies!  Keeping tortioses is great fun, people seem to think they are slow and boring, but once they have met them they often change thier mind.  I also have a few rescues tortoises who have had ropey starts to life.

The second exciting new beginnning was the birth of my cousins second little girl, which happened just six days ago.  I have had great fun crocheting a blanket for her.  I love to make alsorts of things and I am thinking that my blog will largely be about crafts, mostly textiles.  Here is her blanket...

I think that is enough for a first post.  I think it gives a good flavour of things to come!

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