Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Something very different, personal and yet public!

Up until ten years ago, I taught contemporary dance to a wide range of community groups, through different educational and charitable organisations. I loved it, it kept me healthy and strong and a weakness in my back and legs stayed in check, but I knew I needed to get a grown up job so that I could buy a house and become a little bit more adult like. So I stopped dancing and began working as a Dramatherapist in the NHS.

Ten years on I am starting again, from a place of plus size clothes, tired legs, a grumpy back and a tiredness all public service workers know too well. This July I completed seven days intensive training in the Nia technique. I gained my white belt, a licence to teach it and a roaring determination to get my body back to health! I can't tell you how proud I was of myself!

The Nia Technique fuses the Martial Arts, Alexander Technique, Modern, Jazz & Duncan Dance, Yoga and Feldenkrais with sizzling music. It is danced barefoot to allow even your toes to feel alive. Nia works with, rather than against your natural body, allowing you to become strong and healthy. Nia harnesses your senses and your own natural time to develop playful creativity. Most importantly Nia is for everybody regardless of age, sex, physical or intellectual ability. (Click here to see a fancy promotional video)

Celebrating our achievement! (I am second row up on the right)

So now that I have learned the technique it is time to start moving! My first class is on Monday 3rd November 6.30 -7.30pm at the Beehive, Kingsthorpe, Northampton, UK. For the first month the classes are free whilst I find my feet. I am nervous excited and slightly worried but I know that it is a positive journey to be on. So if you are local come and join me on my journey, or start your own or just come for the fun. If your fancy joining or sharing my Facebook page, TitaNia Dancing I would be most grateful!

Kind wishes to you all





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  1. That sounds interesting Jane, good luck and go for it! - Sarah