Thursday, 28 August 2014

A New Knitting Shop & A New Opportunity!

A few months back, I heard a rumour that a new knitting shop was to be opening in Northampton and in Kingsley, one of my favourite parts of town. Indeed the rumours were true and a few weeks later I popped in to take a look. I was greeted by the sweetest border terrier named Cora at the door. When I'd finished petting her, I looked up to see that the lady behind the till was Rachel, a lovely lady who I had crossed pleasurable paths with before. She had taken a great leap into a new career and had opened Get Knitting! ( It's a nifty shop with a friendly atmosphere and the range of yarn is really extensive.

A few weeks later and after a brief chat, Rachel offered me the opportunity to teach a beginners crochet class. Now I have taught all sorts of crafts before and I have taught crochet on a one to one basis, but never in a group and I was keen to give it a go!

The plan was two offer two, two hour sessions and in my head I had the idea that I would like all the participants to learn to slip knot, chain, double, half treble and treble crochet stitches in a line as well as make a granny square. I though that would be the basics covered.

The ladies who came to the class were great! They were my guinea pigs so to speak and they were very kind to me. One thing I should have shown them sooner was ways of holding the hook and yarn and we had to go back to that. Even so in the second week everyone completed a simple Granny square!



I promised I would write up the simple Granny square I showed them and it has been a few weeks. Sorry ladies it's on its way....


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