Tuesday, 10 January 2012

New Year, New Look

Well I have been playing all day to revamp my blog as part of my New Year Resolution to be more active in the world of blogging.  Do you like it?  I had great fun I have to say.  
I am always hovering in blog land reading and gleaning ideas whilst marvelling at all the beautiful photos and crafty going ons, but I don't often comment and I don't often post on here either.  But... the only resolution I have made this year is to blog more, time will tell I suppose.


  1. Nice and cosy blog...good luck with the resolution :)

  2. yes i love your new look , i'm glad you enjoyed revamping, i'm afraid i've lost interest with my blog all most to the point of giving it up but who knows??? good luck with your new year resolution i'll be keeping a look out for new posts

  3. I have been revamping mine too - not quite there yet but the journey has begun - I bought a crochet hook yesterday so am out for inspiration.
    Great blog