Thursday, 29 December 2011

Quick... One more post before the end of the year!

So so sorry it has been so so long.  It seems that things don't go to plan and then I am scuppered to know what to write and then I leave it a little to long and then I lose confidence in what I should or can write.  Silly I know, but hey ho.

So the tortoises... well five hatched and the suspicious looking twin like egg did not.  This was relief in many ways as I was very nervous about performing open egg surgery to separate them, but after a further 8 weeks  I became concerned over what to do with the egg.  I didn't want to just throw it away in case there was still some form of life in it.  I didn't want to crack it open as Mother Nature had obviously decided that hatching was not a good idea.  Eventually after much discussion and deliberation, I said goodbye to the egg and then wrapped it up and placed it in the freezer.  If there was some kind of life still living, it would go to sleep and then slowly stop.  Sorry I didn't post about it a bit sooner, the heart seems to get in the way of writing in a rational manner.  I wasn't sad, more nervous or apprehensive and disappointed, because over the early weeks there had been lots of movement in the little egg and life had definitely begun to form.

The five hatchlings are doing really really well.  These pictures were taken by their Aunty Claris when they visited her whilst I was on Brownie pack holiday, getting little to know sleep!

As you can see from the first picture, I marked each hatchling with a different colour dot of nail varnish, this was to identify each one.  I was keen not to name them because I had decided that I would not be keeping any of them this year and I didn't want to become to attached.  Purple and Pink marks moved out just over a week ago.  A work college has bought them and I am delighted as I will still have news of them.  This is the first year I have sold my hatchlings and it is hard but so far not as hard as I thought!


  1. They are adorable...sorry to hear about the twin egg, but five cuties is great work.

  2. hello and nice to hear from you, sorry about the twins they were obviously not meant to be, nice photos of their siblings though, thankyou