Saturday, 16 July 2011


I candled the eggs today and this is what I saw...
The egg has chalked over at the top, which indicates it is fertile!  It's not possible to see in the photos yet, but there is a little embryo too.  A few weeks and I will be able to photograph the baby tortoise in the egg for you to see.

Now I mentioned in the last post that there is normally only one or two fertile eggs per year, but today I can see not one, not two, three, four or five fertile eggs, but SIX!  Yes that  is right, all of the eggs are fertile.  This has never ever happened before and although you can never count your tortoises until they hatch, there is a chance that in about 60 days I could have 6 baby tortoises hatching.  Oh me Oh my,  I am still in shock...SIX!

I hope you are all enjoying your weekends. X


  1. oh this is so exciting. I think tortoises are so adorable, I have never had one though and I don't really know their requirements. Six is amazing, what a clever Tortoise Mommy she is!

  2. Here's hoping they all hatch!