Sunday, 6 February 2011

Felty yarns, Felty bags!

Gosh it's been a while, how ever did that happen?  I hope Blogland continues to role on with you ever so talented creators writers and followers finding your selves well.  Its 4.10pm and as I write this sentence the sun is still fairly high in the sky.  The light is not fading yet, but it seems winter may well be!

The last few weeks have been quite joyous here.  I have had time to visit craft shops and on Wednesday a friend came to stay and we decided to go and trawl the antique and charity shops of Stratford Upon Avon.  It was, I have to say a really lovely and easy going day, with the obligatory stop for afternoon tea!

Last week I also visited my closest yarn shop.  Well there are much closer but they only seem to offer garish acrylic colours and so I have to drive twenty odd minutes away to HSC Crafts in Stoney Stratford.  The choice here is always great and the staff are really friendly.  I love to see the yarn I am purchasing and feel it and so I never, well hardly ever, buy a new range from the Internet without doing a little investigating first.  As you can see below, the trip was well worth it.


I am a big fan of felting crochet, but I have never bought a yarn that is specific for felting.  The wash and Filtz is just that.  So I set about playing with it, by felting some flowers I had made up...

To be honest, considering they are specialist felting yarns, I don't think they are any better than other wools, although they do seem cheaper than pure wool.

Today I have had the fun of a mini project.  A friend asked me to make a child sized  Mr Tumble bag for her son.  I really enjoyed making up this felt bag and it was very gratefully received.  I actually made two in the end and placed one on EBay just to see if there is any interest.  What do you think of it? 
Right I am off to frantically clean my house with the prospect of my Mum arriving this evening!  Argh!! Best wishes to you all.

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  1. Your flowers came out really nice after felting!
    Mr Tumble Bag - I bet he loves it!