Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Retro Chic! Vintage Inspiration.

Well I am far too awake for 11.50pm and so instead of wasting time, I thought I would come visit the Blog land.  I take great joy in reading other peoples blogs; they are so inspiring and heart warming, although at times I am also struck in awe by the creations and beauty that the wonderful blogging women I chose to follow actually produce.  Blogs are a great source of inspiration for many of us and countless projects have taken  form through the images, patterns and colours that are shared.
I also find inspiration in the items of old.  Whether is is embroidery, quilting crochet or painting.  Just before Christmas I made a beautiful discovery in my favourite vintage / antique shop.

The most fantastic patchwork, quilted and lined knitting bag!  Not only is this bag usable and believe me I am using it and showing it off without any hesitation, but is also thought provoking.  I wonder who made it, as it is definitely handmade, whether she gave it as a gift or used it as her own.  I wonder what else she made, was she a crochet queen or a knitter?  Where is she now?
I have decide I am going to have a go at replicating her pattern to create a new bag as a tribute to her beautiful bag.  My Dad who is a great carpenter has agreed to make wooden handles which are reinforced in the middle as so many of these handles appear to have a weakness.  Now I can't guarantee this bag will be made in weeks as I have more pressing but less fun commitments right now, that is I need to finish writing a   thesis by March.  But watch this space!  Good night all!

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  1. Good luck with making the bag - I am sure you will have loads of fun. How kind of your Dad to make the wooden handles for you.